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 Bistro de l'Arte

Bistro de l'Arte

Bistro de l’Arte este una dintre bijuteriile ascunse din centrul istoric al orasu...

Clubul Sportiv Dinamo

  • Adresă:
  • Str. Nicopole 34, Brasov
  • Telefon:
  • 0268 419751
  • Site:
  • E-mail:

Cu o istorie de peste 60 de ani, Clubul Dinamo Brasov este una dintre emblemele orasului datorita zecilor de medalii castigate de sportivi in Campionatele Mondiale, Europene si Olimpiade, in toti acesti ani de existenta. 

O baza sportiva cu 8 terenuri de tenis, sala de lupte si judo, terenuri de handbal, club de schi si sporturi de iarna, Dinamo Brasov poate fi o buna alegere pentru petrecerea timpului liber.



2013-07-23 11:50:39

Hypatia Posted on Some years ago, perhaps 2005, I atednetd one of the JAR free events our of curiosity. I decided not to sign up for his costly events. He was quite persuasive, even intimidating to get people to sign up. I remember him saying things that essentially meant if you were not bold enough to take control of your life you'd have to settle for being a loser and not getting much out of life. I found it rather insulting, actually. I was glad I didn't sign up. I had other uses for the money I had, and I didn't wish to reward someone who talked down to his audience with such arrogance as he exhibited that evening. I am sad for those who lost their lives. I am also not all that surprised to hear the testimony of those present who also spoke of his arrogance. I feel like I dodged a bullet by not caving in to his threats of living a failed life if I didn't sign up for his expensive courses. Thank you for a very interesting inside track read on the proceedings in court. I am quite curious how this will all shake out at sentencing. He deserves a comeuppance.


2013-07-24 21:45:21

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2015-12-04 03:26:12

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2015-12-12 08:50:39

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