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Brasov is the favourite tourist destination in Romania. Only 13 km far from Brasov, up in the mountains you can find a unique winter resort: Poiana Brasov.

Winter sports, mainly skiing and snowboarding, bring in the winter season thousands of tourists coming from all over Europe. Sleigh rides, ski jets or ice-skating are only few of the things you can enjoy visiting Poiana Brasov.

In summer there are tennis courts, swimming pools, boat rides, mountain climbing, horse riding and many other great sports activities.

Thanks to a great number of hotels, chalets and villas, restaurants, and clubs your stay in Brasov will be an enjoyable and comfortable one. Being an old medieval city, Brasov gives you the opportunity to visit a lot of old historical monuments and museums.
Predeal, located some 25 km far from Brasov on the way to Bucharest is also a popular resort. In winter skiing is the main attraction of the tourists here. In summer thousands of backpackers come together here as Predeal is a good starting place for spectacular trips on the mountains round Brasov.

Fagaras, also a medieval city, was unfortunately mostly destroyed during the communist ruling, is still concentrated around the old citadel of the city. As a tourist destination we recommend it as a starting place on backpacking trips on the Fagaras mountains, where you can climb the tallest peaks in Romania (Moldoveanu - 2543 m, and Negoiu - 2535 m). The mountains offer you some great spectacular views with large mountain lakes and waterfalls.

Bran, home of Dracula's Castle, is visited annually by a great number of tourists. The castle here was for years the home of Vlad Tepes, the Valachian ruler that originated the myth of Dracula. He was hiding there from the Turkish armies who were occupying Valachia at the time. Bran is the perfect destination for the Halloween night, as the hospitable local villagers organise yearly small events. The accommodation can be made in nice lodges or in the houses of the local people (most of them will be happy to have tourists staying overnight).
  The local tourism agencies provide day trips to most of the interesting sight seeing destinations.

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