Shops and fairs

In the "Flowers Fair" stands the merchants house that the townsfolk call the "Podul Batusilor"; in this huge building the craftsmen in town are in the habit of selling their goods. This building was erected in 1545 by the order of Apollonia Hirscher, the widow of the late mayor. The story goes that when the mayor's widow's only daughter dies, she was buried adorned in valuable things. The guardian of the cemetery wanted to steal the jewels from the corpse, but the girl woke up, for she had only been stunned; he took her back to her mother. Overjoyed, the widow paid for this house to be built and offered it to the town; this is what people say.
Silvestru Moldovan, "Our Country", 1894

The names of the streets and squares in Brasov were sometimes interesting and referred to facts and people from long ago. I have already spoken of the Horses and the Oxen Fair, right in the middle of the town, just down from the Long and the Spinners' lane (now the Castle Street), and we saw how much harm was done when their names were replaced by other new ones, not in the least connected with Brasov. The "Wheat Fair" was kept the same, because even nowadays the bounty people who do not have rich lands do come and buy wheat for the wintertime from the Saxons of the Bârsa County. The latter would display their golden-grained bags along this "row" in the square. Certain trades gave their names to the streets where these goods were sold: the Clothes and Boots fairs, the Linen and Roses Rows. On the Hirscher street was the Fish Fair.
Sextil Puscariu, "Brasov of Long Ago", 1977

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