Right next to "Gambrinus" was the most notorious hotel in Brasov, "Pomul Verde"(The Green Tree), better than the "Bucharest Hotel" across the street, better even than the "Europe", in the Customs Lane, now the building which houses the "Corso" motion pictures. At that time Brasov had not yet become a centre of trade as it is nowadays; in summer when the holiday makers used to come from the Country, driven away by Bucharest's heat, urged by wanderlust and attracted by the European looks of clean and tidy still would have not been enough. People had therefore to go downtown and hire rooms.
Sextil Puscariu, "Brasov of Long Ago", 1977

Brasov has, in addition to a certain number of public houses and smaller inns, the following six important hotels: 1(The Buchaerst Hotel, 2) The Central Hotel No.1, 3) the Europa Hotel, 4) To the Green Tree Hotel, 5) the Cown Hotel, 6) the Union Hotel, which all strive to meet the rightful demands of the travellers.
In order to give you an idea, we give you herebelow the following prices, obviously per day:
a. The Bucharest Hotel, Old Brasov, at no.7, Long Street
1 florin-1 single-bedded room overlooking the courtyard, 1.50 florins- 1 double-bedded room overlooking the courtyard
2.50 florins-1 single-bedded room overlooking the street.
1.50 florins-1 double-bedded room overlooking the street.
60 kreutzers the extra bed, 20 kreuzers the candle, 30 kreuzers the heating, 30 kreuzers the transport of one person by omnibus to and from the railwais station.
b. The Central Hotel No. 1, Old Brasov, 5, Long Street.
1 room- 1 florin and above; 60 kreuzers the extra bed
20 kreuzers per person, per day- room service; for longer sojourns, the prices are fixed on agreement of both parties. Dishes on the menu are fixed at reasonable prices. Subscription to meals are on mutual agreement.
Note: all the hotels, without exception, must placard the price list of the rooms aproved by the chief of the police office.
The official committee for foreigner's information, "Traveller's Guide", 1891.

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