Music and theatre

a. Public music on the promenade From May until the end of October:
1. The town's musical band plays once a week, usually on Mondays, in the pavilion of the downward promenade, at 8 o'clock on summer evenings.
2. The military band plays on Sundays and on Thursdays on the downward promenade or in the Main Fair and sometimes on the terrace in front of the target Shooting house (Schutzenhaus). This music accompanies a retreat every week.
b. Concerts and musical events:
1. The town's band, -supported from the town's budget- is well known abroad for its high- quality musical performances and from time to time gives concerts in Bucharest, which are always much appreciated; this band, together with several amateur musicians from the so-called Philharmonic orchestra which organizes concerts especially in autumn; here they play classical works eminently well.
The orchestra alone organizes concerts every Sunday and Thursday evenings in the garden of the "Green Tree" hotel.
2. Organ concerts and concerts inside the church are sometimes on Sundays an festival days, both in the Black Church and the Roman Catholic Church.
3. The military organizes concerts, usually on Wednesday and Saturday evenings in the Redoubt hall of the German Association. The performances are always of a high standard, meeting all the demands of the art.
4. The singing associations organize all the year long several recitals often followed by dancing- in the big hall of the central Hotel No.1 or in the Redoubt halls, in the Hirscher Street.
Apart from the aforementioned recitals, concerts are often organized, too, and other art performances of musicians or other groups coming to Brasov.
c. Theatre
Performances held only in the autumn and winter month in the main hall of the German association's redoubt. All performances meet the needs of high-quality theatre lovers.
The official committee for foreigner's information "Traveler's Guide", 1891

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