Cultural Gatherings

In Brasov one can see all sort of social gatherings, Saxon, Romanian, Hungarian, maybe more than in any other town. These meetings have many different purposes, some social and cultural, some humanitarian, some industrial. We shall mention here below only those which might present some interest for foreigners:
a. Industrial associations:
The three industrial unions-German, Hungarian, and Romanian-aim at promotion interests of their industrial and craftsmen conationals.

b. Reading circles and parties.
The German, Hungarian, and Romanian clubs.
Any cultivated foreigner can obtain the information about this establishment from the Foreign Agency.

c. Social, cultural and sports association.
1. The Saxon Singing Association- Sachsischer "Mannergersangsverein";
2. The German Singing Circle-"Der Deutscher Liederkranz"
3. The Romanian Singing Association
4. The Hungarian Singing Association
5. The Saxon Gymnastics Association
6. The Romanian Gymnastics association
7. The Saxon Target-Shooting association
8. The Hunters' Club
9. The Skaters' Club
d. Clubs with general-humanitarian aims.
1. Association for the upkeep and embellishment of the town
2. The volunteer firemen's club
3. The Carpathian Association,
4. The Evangelical women's circle for caring for the sick.
We think it is worth mentioning that the Association of the Romanian women of Brasov owns a boarding house for girls, where the students are not only educated, but also receive a solid instruction in the dress- making, as well as in household matters. The charge for a student is only 12 florins a month in this boarding house.
For every five paying students, it has been decided to support a poor girl without any charge.
The official committee for foreigner's information "Traveler's Guide", 1891.

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