The oldest historical monument in Brasov. Built in 1223, roman architecture.
Dated on historical monuments since 1292, the church was built in stone in 1495 with the support of the leaders of all Romanian provinces. Its impressive size dominates the oldest part of the city - Scheii Brasovului
Built only few meters away from the St. Nicolae's Church. The first historical monuments proving the existence of the school go back to 1495. Most of the first printed books in Romanian were printed here by Coresi. The tourists of Brasov must visit the school were they can actually sit in the 19th century student desks.
Initially known as St. Mary's Church, the building was partly destroyed after the great fire in 1689. Built around 1380, the Black Church is the most representative gothic art monument in Romania. If you are in Brasov don't miss the weekly organ concerts performed here on the largest organ in South-east Europe.
Initially built as a watch tower, once the city has developed the building was turned into the City hall. Starting with 1420, when the building was renovated, the local council meetings and all the trials were held here. Nowadays the building hosts the History Museum of Brasov.
Ecaterina's Gate is one of the oldest original entrance gates in Brasov. You can see it near Poarta Schei.
Built on the top of a hill starting with 1395, the citadel was one of the strongest defensive citadels in Transylvania. Today you can have here a lovely Romanian cuisine dinner or just enjoy looking at the collection of medieval weapons found there.
The Weavers' Tower is one of the seven initial watchtowers built round the city walls. The tower is now a museum and can be visited on the way up on Tampa Mountain.

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